Iris and face recognition for personal identification

The problem is the lack of reliable methods for error-free remote person identificati

The solution is an extremely reliable biometric identification platform that uses a number of technologies to increase productivity, accuracy, and reliability, with the ability to limit fraud and deception. The highly accurate and reliable system would collect detailed information on the target, replacing all existing documents, compiling it into a single digital profile before storing it at a secure database that both local and international authorities can access. Once this has been implemented this system will allow tracking and controlling migration flows, help with the prevention of terrorist activities and monitor other events of national security at the earliest possible opportunity.

The Physical Access Control System, PACS with biometric identification is the most reliable access control system with the ability to track the movement of visitors and employees, monitoring their emotional and physiological state.

Financial sector and payment systems.
The remote biometric iris and face identification technology allows you to minimize errors or possibility of fraud. This enables to create reliable local intrabank access control and payment systems that also functions at a governmental/global level. The technology is designed in compliance with GOST to be compatible with the Unified Biometric System in order to apply in the banking sector and payment systems.

Biometrics is used in banks as an identification management tool for all types of services, including:
– ATM cash withdrawals
– remote client’s identity verification using multimodal biometrics
– mobile banking authentication

Transport safety:
– verification of the ticket holder
– possibility of travel without a passport and travel document
– crime combating
– migration control

Biometrics for public services:
– replacement of passport, visa and other documents with biometric identification
– person identification at the checkpoints, mobile person identification during arrest or scheduled checks
– identity verification at the checkpoints and in case of documents loss
– in medical institutions for instant access to medical records

Automated system “Elections” on the State Services platform:
– absentee ballots issuance and guarantee of their authenticity
– preventing attempts to vote using someone else’s passport
– mobile voting with biometric verification

Why Iris Devices:
– the highest identification accuracy is guaranteed
– protection against fraud using photo and video
– sophisticated technological solution of the latest generation prevents data compromise
– remote and mobile identification
– multispectral analysis ensures maximum reliability of operation in difficult conditions